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13 NOV'17


Neron Informatics was announced as winner in “Innovation in Green Telecom” category for their innovation “ONYX” at Aegis Graham Bell Award 2017, honouring the best innovation in the ICT domain in India. Neron has been applauded as winner at the 8th edition of Aegis Graham Bell Award at NDMC Convention Centre, New Delhi. The journey of Neron Informatics from being a non entity to a name to reckon with in just four months time has been truly exemplary. It came into existence in the month of November 2018 and competed in the same month in Aegis Graham Bell Awards for its Innovations under Green Telecom Category. It was not an easy task to compete with the industry bigwigs in the first instance. After an extensive presentation on its innovation, Neron Informatics reaps the rewards by bagging the prestigious award for ONYX cxm. The victory amidst such tough competitions substantiates Neron’s efforts in giving the Industry new directions through its innovative solutions and products. Winning the Aegis Graham Bell Award has given Neron Informatics a strong foothold in the Industry. “Getting nominated for Aegis Graham Bell Awards is an incredible honour, particularly when the strength of the competition is so extraordinary. But to win against such strong competition is just amazing. I am humbled, but incredibly proud too. With so many innovations to choose from, the judges must have had an unbelievably difficult job to select the winner and I’d like to thank all of them for recognising the innovations that Neron presented. Every time I look at it, I’ll be reminded of this moment and how much it means to me, to us. All said and done, let’s not forget that awards are not simply about winners and losers; they tell us a lot about our industry too and as long as there are awards like Aegis Graham Bell around with such competition, we don’t need to worry about the future of Telecom Industry. This award I’m accepting for my team/myself/my company and of course on behalf of Telecom Industry. From where we stand, the future of Telecom Industry looks bright!” - Mr. Dev Kumar, Chief Technical Officer, Neron Informatics Pvt. Ltd.

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