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North Western Railway

The North Western Railway is one of the seventeen railway zones in India. It is headquartered at Jaipur, with 59,075+ employees, 658+ stations and a route length of more than 5761 km across at least some parts of four states of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Punjab and Haryana. NWR operates interna- tional rail service Thar Express from Jodhpur to Karachi. This zone is the key enabler of the Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor Project by virtue of running railways 1,500 km long Western Dedicated Freight Corridor.

Business Challenges

North Western Railway was looking for a solution for enhancement to their calling capabilities with video IP Phones and a possible redundant solution by using PSTN for seamless working with a minimum downtime. The customer needed a feature rich, fully secured, affordable and reliable in-house solution that would work for a longer duration with redundancy.


Neron deployed ‘Onyx cxm 10000’, a state of the art IPPBX system which is having the capacity to take maximum load through extensions and concurrent calls, and provide seamless inbound and outbound calling experience.
The solution consisted of 2 nos. of ‘NERON Onyx CXM 10000’ IP PBX with 8000 no. of extensions, 2 no. of PRI Gateway’s and 200 no. of Video IP Phones with 3 way video conferencing.
PRI is splitted into parallel gateways through PRI Splitter. NERON Onyx CXM is power and data redundant with each other (One is Active and One is Backup) and PRI gateways are also power redundant with each other (One is Active and One on Backup). In the case of any of the Active PRI gateway goes down, NERON automatically detects the failure and connects with the Backup PRI Gateway. In the other case, if the active NERON Onyx IP-PBX goes down, the backup device automatically rise up with all data and starts working with PRI gateway and Video IP Phones.

  • Multi-IVR According to Time condition
  • Multi LAN Network Connectivity using VLAN
  • Video Conferencing System
  • Multi Level IVR
  • Reports according to the user Ext.
  • Flexible Call Handling and self service User friendly web GUI
  • Call Recording and Advance CDR
  • Advance Conference Bridge.
  • Voice Broadcastin
  • Time Based rule in GUI
  • Voice mail Report in GUI
  • LDAP Server System
  • Inbuilt call Recording

There was a huge competition and all the Indian and multinational Brands were in he race to grab the deal. Below mentioned USP’S made us able to fulfil the customer requirements.

Competitor Overview

Neron is very new as compare to other established brand in the market, but Onyx CXM IPPBX provided the value add in “K K Global Exports” based on below points.
• Product Manufacturer Positioning as a Solution Provider not as a box seller OEM
• Team Neron Core knowledge related to the updated technology and Telecom Infra solution
• No “Asterisk” Software solution and “No Server Requirement” 1 U Compact Appliance loaded with Onyx CXM Call engine Platform.
• No Licensing cost and Value for money budgetary solution
• Deep Understanding of requirement and future enhancement
• Own R&D Team always ready for new dev. / enhancement challenge in telecom Solution
• Flexibility of Onyx CXM Product Line
• Make in India Product Line