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Welcome To Neron

Neron Informatics is a leading manufacture and unified communication solution provider for digital workplace. DIPP Certified startup under make india initiative government of india Neron Infomatics established in year 2017 . Focused on Innovation and Research we has been recognised by industry and Global global business platforms for innovation based products and software services which includes Aegis Grahambell award 2017 for Innovation and Green Telecom , Pride of the nation Series “ Greatest Brands and Leader “ Teelcom by URS…etc.

Corporate office in Ghaziabad (UP) and branch locations in major cities of india we serve our clients and customer for end to end telecom infrastructure and telephony automation with the help of wide range of UC Hardware and softwares. Our products are designed according to global standards to deliver highest level of productivity and reliability to cater Soho, enterprise , ISP and Government customer.

Our Vision

Our products are renowned for their supreme reliability and high-end quality. We firmly believe that quality matters, both in meeting customer expectations and setting a standard in the market. Our perennial desire to excel in the telecommunications market by continuously improving our product performance sets us apart from our competitors. Our strong commitment to innovation and using the latest technology helps us and our extremely satisfied clients expand their businesses. We aspire to become a leading service provider globally by delivering optimum customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

Our mission as a telecom hardware Manufacturer and software Development organisation is to design and deliver high-quality VoIP, UC products that meet the requirement of customers. Research & development of innovative technologies that can help businesses improve their communication and collaboration processes, as well as providing reliable and efficient hardware and software products that support these solutions.

Our History

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NMG Series VoIP Gateway

Introduced NMG Series VoIP Gateway for SIP to analogue interface connectivity.



Introduced NXG Series IP-PBX and VoLTE Gateway for BPOs, ITSP, SMB and Enterprise Business.


Onyx Interceptor

Introduced Onyx Interceptor - Criminal Call interception , Alert & Analysis system for Law enforcement agencies.


Aegis Graham Bell Award

Positioned as Finalist - Innovative Telecom Product
Project - Infanite CX


Pride of the Nation Series - Telecom

Neron Informatics Recognised as Greatest Brands and Leaders ( Pride of the Nation Series-By URS ) under Telecom Category

Aegis Graham Bell Award

“Aegis Graham Bell Award - Innovation in Green Telecom”
Project - Onyx CXM



After 2+ years of core research & development by UC LAB team for telecom software and hardware , Neron Informatics Pvt Ltd was incorporated on 27th November 2017.


Foundation - UC LAB

Young and brilliant minds have joined together as part of the Unified Communication Lab, with backgrounds in research and innovation, to offer advanced products and solutions designed in India. The R&D was initially funded by the VNPL Group, and the main objective of the team was to design global standard products that cater to the requirements of Indian businesses for telecom workspace, while remaining cost-effective compared to the global products available in the market